Monday, May 13, 2013

Tap the center of the frame, the dollar fell from 101 yen for a profit.

Tap the center of the frame, the dollar fell from 101 yen for a profit.

Dollar dropped in the middle of 101 yen on the Tokyo this morning. Because I do not sell the dollar soared on this because it has been driven by rising U.S. retail sales stronger than expected.

Today at noon Tokyo time. Dollar trading at. 101.57 to 101.59. Yen, compared with 101.77 to 101.87. The New York market and 101.62 to 101.63. At 17.00 yen on the Tokyo market yesterday.

Euro trading at. 1.3014 to 1.3018 dollars and 132.20 to 132.22. Yen, compared with 1.2970 to 1.2980 dollars and 132.05 to 132.15. New York and the yen. 1.2962 to 1.2963 dollars and 131.72 to 132.76. Yen in the Tokyo market yesterday afternoon.

Dollar rose on the New York night. U.S. retail sales increased due to stronger than expected helped ease concerns about a slowdown of the national economy. Which is the largest in the world.

But even dropped. Dollar is still the highest in four years, seven months later 102 yen / dollar to make the day before. The finance ministers of the G-7 countries have reacted to let the yen fell to a two-day conference Saturday to the past.

Samuel Yuji Ito, director of foreign exchange at Credit Suisse President Agri Cole Corporate and Citi jobs in Tokyo said. "While the United States is likely to abandon the use of monetary policy. Japan to progress in the policy. It is common that the yen weakened against the dollar, "along with that. U.S. economic indicators will be of interest to the market in this period. Kyodo news agency reported.

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