Wednesday, April 17, 2013

IMF's Spanish economy expected to shrink 1.6% in 2556.

IMF's Spanish economy expected to shrink 1.6% in 2556

International Monetary Fund (IMF's) predicted that Spain will face a contracting economy and rising unemployment rate this year. 

The MFC is specified in the report. "World Economic Outlook" that the Spanish economy will shrink by 1.6% in 2556 and unemployment rate of the country reached 27% this year before moving down to 26.5% in 2557 which is expected to. growth of 0.7%.
In January. York. IMDb Moffett expects gross domestic product (GDP) of Spain will shrink 1.5% in 2556 and increased to 0.8% in 2557.
New expectations and a more negative outlook for the Spanish economy. Based on predictions about the euro zone economy in general. The IMF's believed to be down 0.3% in 2556 before growing 1.1% in 2557.
The IMF also warned of the risk function of the political instability of Italy's debt crisis and Cyprus. This could cause tension spread throughout Europe.
Forecasts of the IMF's opposition to the government of Spain. GDP is expected to decline 0.5% this year and to grow by 1.2% next year.

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