Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Economic crisis in the euro zone are facing at this time.

Economic crisis in the euro zone are facing at this time. I resolved to find a solution to a difficult situation. Comatose state of the economy in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France are still experiencing difficulty, Greece and Spain to send SOS signals for financial assistance to the EU and the International Monetary Fund. Or IMF 
The Italian people are unemployed. Caused by the government's fiscal austerity policies. France recently announced a 75 percent tax the rich a tax cruelly. To seek solutions to the crisis of government debt. A news report. Rich French naturalization. Settled in other countries to avoid tax atrocities. 

The EU and IMF, Greece and Spain, located dark conditions. The loan period for new government, the two countries need to reduce the budget deficit. Expenditures to achieve their goals. Otherwise, the new loan will not be requested. 

Payable under the terms of the means to reduce the cost of government. Including the dismissal of civil servants. Government officials. Welfare state retrenchment has been provided, including the curtailment of benefits. The state to provide for the citizens of the country. The economic downturn resulted in continuation. Many unemployed people across the country. It brought together government demonstrations, as it is known. 

UAI is Germany's euro-zone countries. This was due to the imposition of the tax money to help Greece, Spain, Portugal, waiting for help. The German government is not satisfied with the public's tax dollars to help other nations supporting cast. 

Two years before the crisis on the U.S. economy. The result of the subprime (sub prime) because of the greed of the already wealthy Americans that want even more rich. Buy distressed property speculation. Problems bubble burst. Americans are faced with a problem. A result, financial institutions, banks, auto manufacturers. Overthrown by a succession. The state had to carry. A massive undertaking to get them overturned down. Causes many Americans, including the government. Called Occupy Wall Street as it appears in the news. 

The United States has a public debt amounts to more than 16 trillion (dollars) was paid out to Thailand 30 times, or 102% of GDP (Gross National Product), with China as a major creditor. America's massive debt problems that Europe is stronger than the other. 

In Asia, Japan is a country with a public debt of the country. Due to the budget deficit as high as for many years, the latest figures, Japan's public debt high, reaching 200% of GDP is considered the nation's public debt as a percentage of total GDP, the highest over. any state. 

Europe - USA - Japan combined value of financial economics. Together with more than three in five of the world's economic system. A news report. Since September of last year, the U.S. is pumping money into the financial system of the country's new wave of so-called Quantitative Easing 3 (QE 3) continue indefinitely. The average monthly fall of U.S. $ 40,000 million. And Japan. Under the government of Mr. Miso Shin Abe plans to continue in the same manner. The injection of money from QE 3 would overwhelm the spill. Inflation will occur around the world. Be difficult to avoid....

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