Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Asia Gold: gold contract settled. After a heavy fall yesterday.

Asia Gold: gold contract settled. After a heavy fall yesterday.

Gold futures traded flat in the Asian markets this morning. Dropped after the fourth consecutive day today due to appreciation of the U.S. dollar and the rise of the New York Stock Exchange. Has prompted investors to sell gold Traction and prices plummeted, reaching the lowest level in almost three weeks yesterday.
At approximately 11:30 pm in Thailand Gold contract for June delivery. York. COMEX market remained stable at USD 1,424 / oz.
The trading in the gold market to Asian slowdown. Due to investors concerns about a slowdown in the Chinese economy by Merrill Lynch cut its forecast of GDP for China to come at 7.6% from 8%, while Bank of America reduced expectations Kyi.Chinese GDP down as well. Foreign demand weakened.

Movement of Money, New York: Dall said the Fed's current bond buying program delay.

Movement of Money, New York: Dall said the Fed's current bond buying program delay.

U.S. dollar continued strengthening against all major currencies. In trading on the New York Stock Exchange last night (May 14) was driven by strong U.S. retail sales report. And current expectation that the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) may delay the purchase of government bonds.

The U.S. dollar rose against the yen at 102.3 yen from 101.93 yen on Monday and appreciation of the franc, compared to 0.9658 Swiss francs from 0.9585 francs.
The euro fell to a level of 1.2937 dollars from 1.2970 dollars United get the pounds down, reaching 1.5221 dollars from 1.5290 dollars the Australian dollar fell, reaching 0.9878 dollars from 0.9953 dollars.

U.S. dollar strengthened after the Commerce Department said. April retail sales. York. Increase of 0.1%, which analysts predict that number will fall due in March. York. By retail sales in April. York. Increasing the expected show that consumers are spending more. Which signaled confidence about economic recovery.

The dollar also received a boost after the Wall Street Journal. Journal identified. U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) has defined strategies to gradually reduce the size of project bonds. By the Federal Reserve Board are discussing the time frame for the project is delayed.

Current news that has more weight on the foot, Charles Prosser, President Philadelphia, Philadelphia Fed branch. Insist that their own ideas. Considering labor market conditions now. Fed should start buying the bonds as soon as possible in meeting the Monetary Policy Committee (FOMC), which is next scheduled to be held on 18-19 June, he expects the U.S. unemployment rate will remain. approximately 7% by the end of this year. If nothing makes this forecast error. He was expecting. Fed to end bond purchase program by the end of this year.

The yen fell hard against the dollar. Since the Bank of Japan (b. Ojeda) decided to go ahead with the purchase of government bonds worth 1.4 billion dollars. The goal is to drive as much as 2% inflation and deflation at persuading tissues extracted for over 20 years.

Investors eye U.S. Department of Labor will release the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in April. York., On Thursday at 19:30 pm Thailand time analysts predicted that the general CPI index is down 0.2% and the expected index CPI. basis, which excludes food and energy, increased 0.2% in April. York.

U.S. small business confidence rose. But the overall trend is still disappointing.

U.S. small business confidence rose. But the overall trend is still disappointing.

National Federation of Independent Business, the U.S. (NFIB) reports that confidence among U.S. small businesses, rose slightly to its highest level in six months in April. York. After a decline in the previous month. But overall. Small businesses are still wary of doing business.

NFIB Index revealed that a positive view of small businesses increased 2.6 points to 92.1 from 89.5 in March. York., Which was the largest increase since October. Was 0.2553. Volatility index between 86.5 to 94.5 since the recession ended in June.'s 0.2552. Four components of the index improved in 10 months ago. The ratio of small business owners expect sales to increase, then rose 8 points to reach 4% in April. York. While the proportion of small business owners who believe that business conditions are improving. in the next six months rose 13 points, to 15% in the proportion of small business owners planning to increase employment will increase as well.

At the same time Forecasts the credit and capital spending plans fell.
However, even the Index April. York. Rebounded from a decline of 1.3 points in March. York. But the NFIB is the month that another disappointing month for the small business bill by Michael Burke. NFIB's chief economist, said in a statement. Confidence of small business owners still recovering substandard.

The small business sector. Representing 99% of all companies in the U.S.. Is the driving force of the U.S. economy. And employ half of the labor force in the country.

Positive after the stock market closed weak today.

Positive after the stock market closed weak today.

Dow NYSE market rebounded slightly today, down from Monday. Investors return to buy again. After positive economic data helped offset concerns about the possibility that U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) may reduce the size of project bonds sooner than anticipated.

Shortly after the market opened. The Dow rose 14.60 points or 0.10% to 15,106.28 points, S & P 500 Index added 3.40 points, or 0.21% to 1637.17 points and the Nasdaq composite index rose 31.06 points or 0.18% to 3445.10 points.

U.S. Department of Labor said today. Import prices fell 0.5% in April. York. Months have c. Decreased 0.2% due to lower fuel costs. For the latest information indicates that inflation in the U.S. remains at a level that can be controlled.

The cost of petroleum imports in April. York. Down 1.9% from the previous month, and down 9.5% from a year ago.

Export prices fell 0.7% in April. York., After declining 0.5% in March. York. Export prices of agricultural products fell by 2.2%, while export prices fell 0.5% in agriculture.

Meanwhile, the U.S. National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) reports that confidence among U.S. small businesses rose 2.6 points, after dropping 1.3 points in the previous month.

NFIB Index revealed that a positive view of small businesses increased to 92.1 from 89.5 in March. York., Which was the largest increase since October. Was 0.2553. Index of April. York. Better than the market expected to grow to 90.5 level.

The company news. Black Berry shares plus 1.10% to 16.06 dollars after the company kicked off its annual "BlackBerry Live" which will be held for 3 days to test BlackBerry 10.

Shares of electric car maker Tesla Motors 6.26% to 93.29 dollars ahead of the company's shares have risen approximately 67% since it reported earnings for the quarter 1/2556 after the market closes on May 8

Horizon Equity Web Communications Co., Ltd. declined 0.10% to 52.50 dollars, while Vodafone shares fell 29.32% to 01.15 dollars.

It is reported that Verizon FIOS. Communications Co. Inc. and Vodafone Group PLC, the parent company of West Horizon Wireless will receive $ 7 billion from Horizon Wireless months. June.

EU commissioner calls for the next step in the establishment of the Union Bank.

EU commissioner calls for the next step in the establishment of the Union Bank.

Olly Mr Rehman, Member, Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Union (EU) called for the EU to take steps for the establishment of the Union Bank.

"I believe that our work in the establishment of the Union of the Bank's mission to be one of the most important in Europe in the months and years ahead. Foundation for growth and employment, "Mr Rehman said after euro zone finance ministers meeting Kasr.

"The restoration of the financial sector, not just to finance banks. But involves lending to bolster investment. With the need for job creation and sustained recovery, "said Mr Rehman.

However, Germany has called for caution. As Mr. Wolfgang Choi Global Finance Minister of Germany in the Financial Times newspaper. Times yesterday that the agency established to rescue the banking sector together to change the EU treaty.

"We should not make promises we can not keep up," Mr. Choi said Peebles. By stating that the cooperation between the different national approaches are possible prior to achieving all the criteria for the establishment of the Union Bank.

Mr. Rehman argued that funds and mechanisms to solve the banking sector together will be implemented within the framework of current legislation. And the legal experts were looking for a clear answer for this issue.

Mexico ranks third largest crude oil exporter to the U.S..

Mexico ranks third largest crude oil exporter to the U.S..

The U.S. government said. Mexico's crude oil exports to the United States is the third largest. Behind Canada and Saudi Arabia.

A report from the U.S. Government's Energy Information Agency (EIA) indicate that energy turnover between Mexico and the United States reached 6.5 billion in 2555, representing 13% of total trade value of 4.94 billion in the two countries.

Crude oil and petroleum products accounted for nearly all of the energy trade between the two countries. Crude from Mexico accounted for 11.4% of total U.S. crude oil imports.

U.S. crude oil refinery in the high-density imported from Mexico a lot. And exporter of oil is less dense than gasoline and diesel as back to Mexico.

Mexico is the ninth-largest oil exporter in the world in the year 2555 and is the third largest exporter of oil to the Western Hemisphere. Xinhua News Agency reported

Monday, May 13, 2013

Tap the center of the frame, the dollar fell from 101 yen for a profit.

Tap the center of the frame, the dollar fell from 101 yen for a profit.

Dollar dropped in the middle of 101 yen on the Tokyo this morning. Because I do not sell the dollar soared on this because it has been driven by rising U.S. retail sales stronger than expected.

Today at noon Tokyo time. Dollar trading at. 101.57 to 101.59. Yen, compared with 101.77 to 101.87. The New York market and 101.62 to 101.63. At 17.00 yen on the Tokyo market yesterday.

Euro trading at. 1.3014 to 1.3018 dollars and 132.20 to 132.22. Yen, compared with 1.2970 to 1.2980 dollars and 132.05 to 132.15. New York and the yen. 1.2962 to 1.2963 dollars and 131.72 to 132.76. Yen in the Tokyo market yesterday afternoon.

Dollar rose on the New York night. U.S. retail sales increased due to stronger than expected helped ease concerns about a slowdown of the national economy. Which is the largest in the world.

But even dropped. Dollar is still the highest in four years, seven months later 102 yen / dollar to make the day before. The finance ministers of the G-7 countries have reacted to let the yen fell to a two-day conference Saturday to the past.

Samuel Yuji Ito, director of foreign exchange at Credit Suisse President Agri Cole Corporate and Citi jobs in Tokyo said. "While the United States is likely to abandon the use of monetary policy. Japan to progress in the policy. It is common that the yen weakened against the dollar, "along with that. U.S. economic indicators will be of interest to the market in this period. Kyodo news agency reported.

Drag down the middle of her singing Whitney shes on the plane.

Drag down the middle of her singing Whitney shes on the plane.

Not ashamed! Female passengers shout sing singer Whitney Houston on the plane - passengers stand. The captain decided to fly into the airport emergency before police pulled down from the machine.

Scene girl, one of the aircraft carriers of the United States, "American Airlines" Flight Metropolitan Los Angeles - New York nuisance to passengers that a lot. With the aesthetics of her feats. Princess passengers this issue opens with singing gently. The singer superhero "Whitney Houston" will gradually increase the volume up. Shes singing into an unthinking one. And then everyone's patience came to an end on the end when it comes to music I Will Always Love You, although the staff is already advising her. But I still can not calm her down. On the staff decided to let the captain know. The captain has led to an emergency landing at the airport to downtown Kansas City airport police brought her down from the machine immediately. But even now in the custody of disembarkation. This young mother to not reduce or embarrassed in any way. She continued to shout shout until the last minute. As you can see from the clip that leaked out to the rest of the world.

Minnesota is the 12th state of the U.S. House. Passed legislation for same-sex marriage already.

Minnesota is the 12th state of the U.S. House. Passed legislation for same-sex marriage already.

Yesterday (13 May) the U.S. state of Minnesota. Has created a new history. Became the 12th state of the United States passed legislation to allow same-sex couples can marry. And registered marriage be legally then. Member of the Minnesota State Senate by majority vote, with 37 votes to 30 in favor of the draft law, which Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota. To sign official documents today. And will come into force officially on 1 August onwards.

Euro Group the green light to two grants totaling 7.5 billion euros, Greece

Euro Group, the second installment of financial aid for Greece totaling 7.5 billion euros.

I met Aaron digital cell Bora winds Euro Group President declared the Minister. Archive Eurozone has approved a grant to the second installment of Greece. Representing a total value of 7.5 billion euros or 9.7 million U.S. dollars.

The digital cell Bora wind revealed to reporters that Subsidy is the first installment of 4.2 billion euros. Will be approved in the next few days. This will be disbursed by the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF), the remaining portion of the 3.3 billion euros it. Expected to be disbursed in June. York. This will depend on the progress of the economic recovery of Greece.The decision was made after the eurozone has issued a statement expressing satisfaction that after this meeting. "Greece has significantly more progress in the implementation of fiscal and structural reform measures. As has been previously agreed upon. "The Euro Group also identified. "Greece can recover quickly and cost competitiveness" while also calling on Greece to reform its marketing and service. To enhance competition costs more robust.

Russia, U.S. to discuss. Syria resolution early next month.

Russia, U.S. to discuss. Syria resolution early next month.

The U.S. announced plans to meet with representatives of Russia. To end a war that lasted more than two years in Syria early next month.

Mrs. Jane Saki Spokesman of the U.S. State Department. Revealing yesterday (May 13) stated that the U.S. is planning to hold a conference to discuss with representatives from Russia to end the conflict in Syria, took place for over two years in early June. are going through this. It is expected that the conference will be held in Geneva. Annual Taste of Switzerland. Which used to discuss this issue together 2555 years ago when the previous chief Carol States Secretary of State. And the Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lazio for Russia. Statement that ever came out of such a meeting to take place within this month.
The U.S. also plans to send a letter of invitation from Iranian agents. The International League to discuss Syria as well.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Euro appreciation respond Germany factory orders rising trend forecasting.

Appreciation of the euro relative to the U.S. dollar. After Germany's factory orders for the month. York. Skyrocketing trend forecasting.

At 11:10 am London time. The euro strengthened 0.3% against the dollar at 1.3110 and appreciated 0.2% versus the yen at 130.10 yen, compared with after earlier falling to 0.5%.

Euro has been a factor behind Germany's factory orders report higher expectations in the garden. York. Orders rose 2.2% in March. York. Statistically month. K. Since the signs of the return of economic growth in Germany.

Orders for export, rose 2.7% in March. York. Domestic sales increased 1.8%, while orders for consumer goods fell 0.7%.

The assessment revealed the Statistical Office Germany gross domestic product of Germany in the first quarter on 15 May.

Expected increase in global oil prices cause concern strike Israel - Syria.

Brent crude oil prices are expected to move in the frame. 105.50 to 106.01 U.S. dollars / barrel. WTI oil prices will move in a range from 93.58 to 94.65 U.S. dollars / barrel. The Dubai crude oil price is moving in the frame. 102.90 to 103.41. USD / barrel.

The price of crude oil increased by a factor of geopolitics in the Middle East could affect oil supply to the world's major exporters. Israeli missile attack destroyed the Fateh-110 operating in the territory of Syria. It is believed that such weapons were transported from Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the group fell into the hands of Hezbollah, and the Israeli city of Tel Aviv within firing range of the weapon. The Syrian authorities have reported that the attack caused damage to houses and people and the deaths of a number of such attacks.

However, the economy of the euro zone remained weak PMI index and indicate a contraction of the sector (the PMI below 50 points) a month, the 15th consecutive, the China HSBC report index PMI in service sector fell. Tap down to the lowest level since Aug. 54 due to a number of new services in China is the lowest level in 20 months, and has been reported to reduce the workforce for the first time since January 52.

The Morgan Stanley analysts believe that Brent crude oil market will tighten further in the June 56 due to a reduced supply in Nigeria and Ekofisk crude oil production in the North Sea.

U.S. Reveals Results of March. Dropped because employers see the economic situation.

U.S. Reveals Results of March. Dropped because employers see the economic situation. .

Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare in Spain revealed that Number of unemployed people in Spain stood at 4,989,193, down 46,050 people in April. York. The decline is the second consecutive month.

- National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the U.S. said. Housing market in the country has improved over the United States has decreased in the second consecutive month in May. York. Which indicates that the recovery of the housing market may be slowing it down.
Statistics indicates that Those employers are waiting to see that. Economic situation of the country to come out in any form. After the government has cut the budget down.

Number of workers who have been employed in March. York. Fell to 26.4 million, the employment rate fell to 3.2% from 3.3%.

The position is empty and available. Indication as well. Companies may be reluctant to increase the number of employees. Among the signs that indicate a slowdown in growth this quarter.

In business there are no jobs, employment declined the most, followed by the healthcare business. And with respect to social assistance. While the availability of jobs in the retail sector, hotels and restaurants increased.