Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Positive after the stock market closed weak today.

Positive after the stock market closed weak today.

Dow NYSE market rebounded slightly today, down from Monday. Investors return to buy again. After positive economic data helped offset concerns about the possibility that U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) may reduce the size of project bonds sooner than anticipated.

Shortly after the market opened. The Dow rose 14.60 points or 0.10% to 15,106.28 points, S & P 500 Index added 3.40 points, or 0.21% to 1637.17 points and the Nasdaq composite index rose 31.06 points or 0.18% to 3445.10 points.

U.S. Department of Labor said today. Import prices fell 0.5% in April. York. Months have c. Decreased 0.2% due to lower fuel costs. For the latest information indicates that inflation in the U.S. remains at a level that can be controlled.

The cost of petroleum imports in April. York. Down 1.9% from the previous month, and down 9.5% from a year ago.

Export prices fell 0.7% in April. York., After declining 0.5% in March. York. Export prices of agricultural products fell by 2.2%, while export prices fell 0.5% in agriculture.

Meanwhile, the U.S. National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) reports that confidence among U.S. small businesses rose 2.6 points, after dropping 1.3 points in the previous month.

NFIB Index revealed that a positive view of small businesses increased to 92.1 from 89.5 in March. York., Which was the largest increase since October. Was 0.2553. Index of April. York. Better than the market expected to grow to 90.5 level.

The company news. Black Berry shares plus 1.10% to 16.06 dollars after the company kicked off its annual "BlackBerry Live" which will be held for 3 days to test BlackBerry 10.

Shares of electric car maker Tesla Motors 6.26% to 93.29 dollars ahead of the company's shares have risen approximately 67% since it reported earnings for the quarter 1/2556 after the market closes on May 8

Horizon Equity Web Communications Co., Ltd. declined 0.10% to 52.50 dollars, while Vodafone shares fell 29.32% to 01.15 dollars.

It is reported that Verizon FIOS. Communications Co. Inc. and Vodafone Group PLC, the parent company of West Horizon Wireless will receive $ 7 billion from Horizon Wireless months. June.

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