Saturday, July 6, 2013

President Obama ordered the better team coordination with authorities. Continued after the plane crash at San Francisco.

President Barack Obama has ordered the U.S. team to work with staff at all levels in the area of ​​San Francisco. After a plane crash on Saturday U.S. time ago.

  White House statement said. U.S. president reported the incident to Asiana Airlines with 291 passengers crashed at San Francisco then. And will report on progress to the information.

Statement also stated. President of gratitude to those who can help. And ordered his team prepared to liaise with staff at all.

The Boeing 777 airlines Asiana Airlines, departing from Seoul, South Korea and West International Airport San Francisco. 2 found dead.

South Korea - North Korea agreed to open a business survey on industrial estate factory glass envelope.

North and South Korea to reach an agreement regarding the exploration into the factories located in industrial glass envelope is. In talks held today.

Xinhua News Agency reported. Of the terms that have been agreed to in the morning. South Korea, the business can determine its own factory at the industrial estate in the coming Wednesday.

North and South Korea agreed to the settlement include envelopes. The pack, which is located in the DPRK again. And is managed jointly negotiated the settlement on July 10 to discuss the process to return to normal as the settlement prevented the closing settlement without the consent of both. the other two sides.

However, the two sides also agreed to Korean businessmen began to explore plant settlement on July 10 to examine and repair the damage during the rainy season.

South Korean companies have been approved to assemble finished products and materials out of the settlement. North Korea will guarantee the safety of its staff and vehicles traveling to and from the settlement.

Asiana Airlines accident aircraft crashed at San Francisco. 2 found dead.

Scene the Boeing 777 airlines Asiana Airlines, departing from Seoul, South Korea, crashed at San Francisco International Airport. 2 found dead.

Xinhua News Agency reported. 82 injured passengers were transported to the hospital then. But the other 60 passengers on the unknown fate.

FBI officials said. Information of news No indication that Plane crash was related to terrorism.