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6 ways to handle the estate.

When people make a living by honest by parents or teachers have taught and disciplined spending. In Saving Club. ( We established since 2548, which now has a membership of approximately 24,000 people and have organized to distribute knowledge via Website on financial questions. Training to teach children to learn how to invest savings. Tax laws and planning. We always recommend that all members should use the money for less than a month to find it. The savings on a regular basis. This is not difficult. If we care cost accounting, we will have the money.

Then by taking the savings to invest carefully distributed in various types of assets such as a home, a family living comfortably. Acquisition and dividends. Growth opportunities. And liquidity. Fund (Property Fund), which is 8-10% returns per year to 3-4 times higher than a bank with a low risk. Buy outsell easy. If you are a very cautious investor might buy a bond issued on bank investments in debt securities, which are more stable. But yields are low, only 2-3% per year.

Otherwise, consider gold. This is generally a good idea to buy gold bullion from a reliable surf shops, large stores such as Leng Hong's Chinatown (Tel. 02-221-5111 or 02-224-5251), shop on the 25th floor, the central purpose. World Tel. 02-613-1010 and 02-225-9904 - 7 or gold fund of fund., such as Asset Management. Ayutthaya (AYF call. 02-657-5757) If you study the coin. gold Whether it is a national or international. Investment gold coin collection is a great one. Thailand government's redeemable in coin price close to the price of gold at the Treasury Department. Ministry of Finance, Rama 6 Rimklongprapa call. 02-618-6340 or office glass. Grand Palace

Popular in Thailand, we keep the property as a legacy to their children. In modern times, before the young generation to inherit you should consider. Both tangible assets (Tangible Assets), which is 4-5 in the above categories. And intangible assets (Intangible Assets).

In my view, the most valuable asset is the intangible character of the youth. Whether it is a matter of diligence in the work. Refinement Upright Commitment to research. Inquiry to know the time. Themselves to be modern. As new technologies and to be useful to society. These parents teach their children to live and be a good example to the youth. If we focus on the benefits as well as savings, it will not be funded. A reserve for emergencies. Make life pleasant. Away from poverty. Have a gap To pay the month. Send flowers to send to the creditors.

Another type of intangible asset that is worth considering is the intellectual property. (Intellectual Property) is patented (Patent) is the method or formula for you to think he invented. And is registered with the Department of Intellectual Property. In particular, formula, medicines, cosmetics, food, drinks and even some sold widely. Or you could develop the trademark (Trademark) or service marks. (Servicemark) is a popular trust. Any product or service marks mentioned are good and profitable to sell it. Finally, intellectual property rights (Copyright), which has the copyright in computer software, movies, music and software.

Some of the direct network, such as the quality of the Nu Skin products, which you can find details at or call 02-791-8500 located at 15th Floor, Unit 1-2, 9-16 Tower Square building at 319 Phayathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok. Or sales. A career that is prevalent today. Sales of life insurance such as life insurance companies. Thailand's Life Insurance Co., which is built into the client network layer is called Multi Level Marketing or MLM is a return even if you are dead. No matter how strong we are. Someday you will be old and dead. However, the network will generate revenue and returns to the offspring. Legacy to the next several years. Is recognized as income in indirect as opposed to Passive Income Active Income.

We can determine directly from Active Income or Passive Income is the difference between income from investments or the creation of a network is as follows.

During adolescence, there are a lot of people. When we work effort. We will also be paid a salary bonus commissions. Or other benefits from the work, but we have to accept that fact. One day we will grow old and need to retire. That is when it is declining. To work with the very young is difficult. In addition to providing effective and efficient and will be there to help. Networking. Work as a team. Technology or intellectual property in a production process or formula to enhance product performance. Supposing one day when we were exhausted. Our client technologies or products that we have found a formula invented. I continue to get the money that we have and continue. This is the source of Passive Income.

Active Income is split into two categories as follows.

(1) invest in assets that produce income or return. Whether occasional or regular basis. Income generating assets such as bank deposits. Debt, including bonds, debentures, promissory notes. These bills of exchange or other property interest to us on a monthly basis. Quarterly every three months, every six months or annually to acquire a good history of paying dividends on a regular basis. You received dividends every three months, six months or once a year. Invest in Real Estate. Whether building a home, condo or apartment Allowing others to rent. We will not rent. Including utilities or charge a cleaning fee. The investment of this type is Passive Income is income from the investments.

(2) Passive Income is another. Business networking is a layer called the Multi Level Marketing is a direct sales.

I have a suggestion about how to manage the heritage handed down to their children, or the people we love, we care.

One., Do not conceal the family's financial status. Like playing hide and seek.

You should tell someone close. A wife, husband or children (for a single parent or sibling) with the property that the family what. How much debt or not, or if the debt was supposed to spawn when you die, do not forget to take out loans creditors do heritage to be tough because we did not want to owe people's gossip. Our family is in debt and can not pay.

It will tell the people around you in a circle close to the property that What is it. Where should I keep that. Who is authorized to manage. Certain types of property such as land registration have title. The bank account. Shares or share certificates will be deposited with Brokers gold was stored in the vault of a bank. A key or password to open and close the cabinet. The closer they get to know that you have to manage the estate and seamless.

A huge legacy is left without any heirs. He will have trouble dealing with property or wealth that occurs suddenly and may result in more harm than good.

Two. Train children to know their heritage management.

At least let them know basis. Because everyone wants to be the next corporate or property to their children or heirs for any lack of experience in management means that you're bringing him along a path of destruction. People who have inherited a lot of the administration. Largely dissipated. Or worse, may be taken to gambling. And I say that if this is not the estate is depleted. He seemed to be so much more successful than I inherited it again.

Three., Do not be afraid to experiment.

Parents should encourage their children to work from a young age. In the event a student is likely to do in the summer (Summer Job) to current students, many of whom work as Part Time jobs, whether it is food. They also sell a variety of experience and are aware of the previous. He is proud that he has the money for it than to ignore requests from parents on a regular basis because we know the value of money, how rare.

4th. Soon can I use machetes.

Should give money or property to the children of his age. If the child is 20 years of age should not be given quite a lot of money because he could not manage it. When they grow up and have more responsibilities they gradually drain his assets to increase. You should give details on the property before he was 35 or 40 years time.

5. A projected distance.

I usually recommend that you do not worry about them too much. If you train it well. I will take care of their own children. Many people may feel guilty that I was still a young girl. Less time with their children so they grow older and have grandchildren, I want to be compensated. Was devoted to her grandchildren. Do not forget that you should trust in it. Let him take care of his estate, and management of your grant. Then he will decide what to do with wealth. Or to give them more to do.

6. Teach the children a good inheritance.

The problem that often occurs in families that are wealthy parents neglect to teach their children, so instead you will grant him a liberal. Should be given as much time with their children would be better. Love is the most precious thing that a parent can give. In addition to the study.

In the end, if you fear that your children will get the estate to sell. You can buy long-term bonds or debentures as 10-15 years of government or corporate security. Rated AA or AAA credibility is given to him to hold the interest is due to the bond market (Bond Market) to the less developed. That he would take to sell long-term bonds or bond is difficult. He had to hold on to it in the other hand, if you share a house or land, the property of a liquid than long-term bonds or bond funds might then lead to a dissipated Money was soon exhausted. Which is a pity.

Since we have limited space. I can not write about estate and inheritance taxes. Opportunity to tell an interesting story for you to read it either.

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