Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gandhi, President, Vice in the good U.S. economy showing improvement than expected.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. Said yesterday that The current economic situation in the U.S. is moving in a good direction.

Vice president, said during a meeting with the Prime Minister of England for hunting. Mair Merkel of Germany. About the current economic situation. Approach to dealing with the problem of chronic deficit increased. And recovery and economic growth.
"The U.S. faces a crisis than people think," said Biden was given over to the U.S. Treasury in the negotiations.

Mr. Biden noted that Germany is a very important partner.
Statement following the meeting of the Vice President. U.S. and Germany indicates that leadership. The Mare Mrs. Merkel said that Germany sent. "Positive message" to Mr. Biden regarding the time taken to extract the country's debt crisis.

In addition, Mrs. Mair Kelly also expressed his admiration for "positive signals" about the free trade agreement between the United States - the European plan. It is expected to boost the economic base of both sides of the Atlantic.

German leader said. A positive sign in the second term of office of the President. Barack Obama's Xinhua news agency reported.

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