Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Movement of Money, New York: Dall said the Fed's current bond buying program delay.

Movement of Money, New York: Dall said the Fed's current bond buying program delay.

U.S. dollar continued strengthening against all major currencies. In trading on the New York Stock Exchange last night (May 14) was driven by strong U.S. retail sales report. And current expectation that the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) may delay the purchase of government bonds.

The U.S. dollar rose against the yen at 102.3 yen from 101.93 yen on Monday and appreciation of the franc, compared to 0.9658 Swiss francs from 0.9585 francs.
The euro fell to a level of 1.2937 dollars from 1.2970 dollars United get the pounds down, reaching 1.5221 dollars from 1.5290 dollars the Australian dollar fell, reaching 0.9878 dollars from 0.9953 dollars.

U.S. dollar strengthened after the Commerce Department said. April retail sales. York. Increase of 0.1%, which analysts predict that number will fall due in March. York. By retail sales in April. York. Increasing the expected show that consumers are spending more. Which signaled confidence about economic recovery.

The dollar also received a boost after the Wall Street Journal. Journal identified. U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) has defined strategies to gradually reduce the size of project bonds. By the Federal Reserve Board are discussing the time frame for the project is delayed.

Current news that has more weight on the foot, Charles Prosser, President Philadelphia, Philadelphia Fed branch. Insist that their own ideas. Considering labor market conditions now. Fed should start buying the bonds as soon as possible in meeting the Monetary Policy Committee (FOMC), which is next scheduled to be held on 18-19 June, he expects the U.S. unemployment rate will remain. approximately 7% by the end of this year. If nothing makes this forecast error. He was expecting. Fed to end bond purchase program by the end of this year.

The yen fell hard against the dollar. Since the Bank of Japan (b. Ojeda) decided to go ahead with the purchase of government bonds worth 1.4 billion dollars. The goal is to drive as much as 2% inflation and deflation at persuading tissues extracted for over 20 years.

Investors eye U.S. Department of Labor will release the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in April. York., On Thursday at 19:30 pm Thailand time analysts predicted that the general CPI index is down 0.2% and the expected index CPI. basis, which excludes food and energy, increased 0.2% in April. York.

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