Monday, May 13, 2013

Drag down the middle of her singing Whitney shes on the plane.

Drag down the middle of her singing Whitney shes on the plane.

Not ashamed! Female passengers shout sing singer Whitney Houston on the plane - passengers stand. The captain decided to fly into the airport emergency before police pulled down from the machine.

Scene girl, one of the aircraft carriers of the United States, "American Airlines" Flight Metropolitan Los Angeles - New York nuisance to passengers that a lot. With the aesthetics of her feats. Princess passengers this issue opens with singing gently. The singer superhero "Whitney Houston" will gradually increase the volume up. Shes singing into an unthinking one. And then everyone's patience came to an end on the end when it comes to music I Will Always Love You, although the staff is already advising her. But I still can not calm her down. On the staff decided to let the captain know. The captain has led to an emergency landing at the airport to downtown Kansas City airport police brought her down from the machine immediately. But even now in the custody of disembarkation. This young mother to not reduce or embarrassed in any way. She continued to shout shout until the last minute. As you can see from the clip that leaked out to the rest of the world.

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